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Story Behind the Sale

Behind every house sale, there is very often a home, or at least always a person with a story. As we go into 2022, I thought I would start our new blog with a reflection back on the last year.

As we all know, it certainly wasn’t a normal year and times continues to be difficult for many. The pandemic certainly had an impact on my business, as it did and continues to do so for many … but part of what I love about my work is that I am able to help people who need to sell their homes for a wide variety of reasons. People often assume that I only buy houses from people who want to sell fast, and whilst this is sometimes the case, the reasons are much wider ranging than this. Here’s a snapshot of some of the reasons people came to me in 2021!

As you can see ease and speed are important to sellers in all these examples, but the story is often much more complex. I had many conversations with people over 2021 where I wasn’t the best option, and I will always give people the best advice for them and be clear and honest about how I can help.

When I go ahead and buy a home, I really enjoy seeing the impact that my service has on people towards whatever their hope, change or goal was.  For example, Doug completed his house sale to me in 2021. Doug had inherited a property from a family member which was suffering from serious damp and water ingress. Buyers wouldn’t have been able to obtain a mortgage on the property and the costs of repair were far beyond what he could afford. He was left paying utilities and council tax on an empty property that he could not use.

 With our experience in property renovation, we were able to offer a fair price for the property and complete the sale in a short period of time freeing Doug up to continue with his life. After an extensive refurbishment (including a new roof, damp proofing and a top to bottom refurbishment) the property now looks great and is ready for new tenants to move in. I love this element of my business, turning an empty property into a new home and I am really proud of the work my team completed on this property.