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Houses that need work

As I’ve written about in my previous blog, one of the reasons that people often come to me to sell their home, is that repairs and works are needed. This can range from cosmetic flaws to extensive works. There’s a wide range of reasons sellers may not want to do these themselves, time, money or their own situation. We take on houses in any condition and today’s blog post is dedicated this topic.

In most areas of life if you buy something and you are unhappy with your purchase you can go back to the seller and ask for a refund, but it usually does not work that way with property and what the buyer sees is what the buyer gets. Many buyers don’t see past the décor and some areas of works can make a house unsaleable. Of course, as I’ve written about in previous blog posts each seller must weigh up the pros and cons of whether to sell on the open market (and whether to leave ‘as is’ or embark on the work themselves) or look at selling to a property investor like myself.

Here are a few examples of houses we’ve bought recently and the work they needed.

It’s a well coined phrase that ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell a house’, but they of course also happen to be a hefty financial investment. Adding in kitchens and bathrooms can add value to your sale price, but this must be balanced against the investment made putting them in. Usually, if sellers aren’t going to enjoy it themselves, it can be hard for that investment to stack up as a financial gain and is one of the key areas in most homes we buy that often needs repair. This house had a carpeted bathroom and panelled walls in both the kitchen and bathroom so both needed modernising. The seller couldn’t afford to undertake the work himself and the condition of the property was putting off potential buyers.

This house was vacant bar storing old bits and bobs for the seller and over time this had caused major damp issues. It also needed modernising and updating throughout. The seller didn’t live in the house and with a tricky leasehold issue in addition wouldn’t have been able to see the house on the open market.

As well as the cosmetic, we often tackle structural areas of repair from cracks like this one to houses without roofs or walls! Structural work can be extensive as it usually needs expert knowledge and often sellers haven’t been able to do these works themselves due to that lack of finance or expertise needed.

It’s not just inside that can need some work! Especially when property is vacant, or sellers aren’t green fingered, there can be garden works to tackle.

Every seller’s situation is unique to them; ill health, a change of job or location, an inherited home, a second property, a lack of finance to keep on top of needed repairs and unexpected works. So, although we also buy properties in great condition, my building team aren’t afraid of a challenge. When we say we will buy a home in any condition, we really do mean it!