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Damp doesn’t dampen our spirits!

Being based in Wales, we are no strangers to wet weather, so unsurprisingly, we are also no strangers to tackling damp. Water is an essential part of life but can be pesky when it comes to property. Damp can be caused by a wide range of issues and diagnosing the problem and having a toolkit of solutions is part of our daily bread and butter.

Solving damp issues can be very expensive and with our own internal team of specialists and tools, we are able to resolve damp quickly and at a much lower cost. This means we can offer more on homes where damp is an issue and is one of the reasons that people come to us.

Did you know there are different types of damp? Here’s some examples of common damp problems …

Based in South Wales, the Welsh rain is something that impacts every house we see. This can cause penetrating dampness and the damage it causes is incredibly common. Sometimes the cause is obvious (such as a leaky roof tile) but there are so many other ways for damp to invade a home. How long the problem has gone on for, usually impacts on how much of a task the problem is to fix. The golden rule of damp is “Don’t ignore the problem” – not only do problems have a nasty habit of getting more expensive the longer they go on, but the growth of black moulds can also be hazardous to health!  

Rising damp is another common problem in South Wales. The age of properties matter, as many houses built in South Wales during the building boom of the 19th century did not have a physical damp proof course (DPC) or where they are present, DPCs initially were not made materials that had ensured the test of time – modern DPCs are made from plastic. Problems occur for a variety of reasons, or simply due to time! Again, getting the right diagnosis of the issue is key and there are lots of common-sense things that can be done ahead of DPC injections.

Last but certainly not least, in wet Wales, we also come across a lot of condensation dampness. This isn’t caused by anything structural, but simply from living! Whether making a cup of tea, drying your clothes in the winter months inside and simply breathing can all cause a problem from within rather than from outside! Although there are solutions and changes that can be made to solve this issue – we’ve found that it often needs a bit of expert help to solve this one, especially with the properties we buy where this issue has often built up over time. Condensation dampness often appears as black dots and is again harmful to health, especially respiratory issues such as asthma.

On that note, we’ll end this blog with a reminder of the golden rule of damp – don’t ignore it – and if it’s been dampening your sale, get in touch to see how we can help!