Ethical Property Buyers South Wales


We have bought over 60 properties in the last few years. Here are just a few of our recent clients expressing how they found our service. These aren’t actors, they are local people we helped with their properties.

Douglas, Resolven
Douglas inherited a property that was in a poor state of repair. The property had not sold on the open market and Douglas was keen to move on with his life. After meeting Douglas and viewing the property, we agreed a price which we stuck to. A few weeks later the house sale completed.

John, Llanelli
John’s son unfortunately suffers with ill health and was forced to leave his property. It had been empty for a while, was in a poor state of repair and needed a lot of TLC. We met with John and his son, agreed a price and supported them through the transaction. A little over three weeks later John’s son had the sale proceeds in his bank account.

Rob, Llanelli
Rob inherited a property from his uncle. He had been slowly renovating it but was struggling to find the time. He wanted a quick sale without any hassle. We met Rob, viewed the property and agreed a price. After a few weeks Rob had the money in his bank account.

Gerry, Swansea
Gerry had already purchased his new property when he came to Ethical Property Buyers. He needed a quick, guaranteed sale to allow him to move on with his life. Despite issues with the property at Land Registry and a couple of internal damp problems, we were able to buy Gerry’s house quickly and easily.

Jim, Swansea
Jim had two properties in Swansea which he had been improving over a number of years. With other commitments and significant time needed to finish the projects, Jim decided a quick and easy sale was his best option. We purchased both properties quickly and without hassle, freeing up time for Jim to spend with his family.